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Set several years after V4. V5 takes us into a time of relative peace and serenity. But as always trouble lurks in the darkness. Be ready to choose your side when the time comes or disappear into the night like a forgotten memory.
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Clan name:Sunaba
Clan History:Sunaba is a clan created by Tsumi for users that can use either use Sand or iron sand. Few people in this clan can use both. Tsumi is the only known person to use both currently. Only people that can use both are allowed to lead the clan It is currently unknown if the bloodline can be passed down from generation to generation
Clan Village: Kaze no Kuni
Clan Symbol:
Clan Bloodline: The use of sand and/or Iron sand
Bloodline History: The first two known people to use the elements are Gaara and Sandaime. Tsumi studied their abilities and in turn began to learn them himself. Later he trained it to other people who could use the elements as well.
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