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Set several years after V4. V5 takes us into a time of relative peace and serenity. But as always trouble lurks in the darkness. Be ready to choose your side when the time comes or disappear into the night like a forgotten memory.
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 kira kouseitan'i

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kira kouseitan'i

kira kouseitan'i

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PostSubject: kira kouseitan'i   kira kouseitan'i EmptySat Jul 04, 2009 1:15 pm

Name: kira kouseitan'i

Gender: male


Rank: AS

Age: 6

Weight: 115

Element: wind


born kira kouseitan'i from eman and shan. kira is a shy kid usually clingy to his mother. people think hes more of a mothers boy than anything. kira is a wind user who hopes to master rasengan techniques like naruto and be strong like his dad very much. hes the twin brother of kai kouseitan'i who he is very competitive against. him and his brother usually train together and want to create amazing jutsu

Extra Information:none

Family Members: eman(father) shan(mother) kai(brother) kumu(sister)

Team mates: none

Sensei: none

Jutsu:none at the moment

Finishers: none

Equipment:kunai and shurikan pouches and a blade holder

Weapons: a small blade like a dagger his father gave him on his 6th birthday made to power up his chakra or channel throu it

Physical Strength’s:

Physical Weakness's: at least 2

Mental Strength’s: protecting mother and sister

Mental Weakness's: fear of wolves and large creatures

Abilities: none

Bloodline: kou bloodline
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Emanyeru Kouseitan'i

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PostSubject: Re: kira kouseitan'i   kira kouseitan'i EmptySun Jul 05, 2009 10:08 am

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kira kouseitan'i
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