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 Kouseitan'i Kai -WHISKERS-

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Kai Kouseitan'i

Kai Kouseitan'i

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Kouseitan'i Kai -WHISKERS- Empty
PostSubject: Kouseitan'i Kai -WHISKERS-   Kouseitan'i Kai -WHISKERS- EmptyThu Jul 02, 2009 8:53 pm

General Info

Name: Kouseitan'i Kai

Gender: Male

Village: Element

Rank: AS

Age: 6

Height: 3'1
Weight: 40lb

Element: None

Summoning: None

A massive civil war breaks loose in the peaceful village of the Element,with Massacres happening in every part of the village.One man decided to stop this,his name was Emanyeru Kouseitan'i,a prodigy in the making.After a few years,the village returned to its peaceful state with Emanyeru becoming the Kage.He was praised and feared by many,but one shinobi did not fear him at all.This Shinobi was from the Village Hidden in The Moon.Her name was Hayataro Senju,one of the strongest shinobi at the time.Emanyeru had fell in love with her and raised a family with her after a few battles.One of the children was Kai Kouseitan'i.He was to become the prodigy of the next generation.

Extra InformationThe young boy's mother is long gone,leaving Kai in a world of hate.

Family Members: Emanyeru Kouseitan'i (Father) Mokoto Kouseitan'i (Sister) Kira Kouseitan'i (Brother)

Team mates: None

Sensei: None

Jutsu: (Will post after Character Approval)

Finishers: (Will post after Character Approval)

Equipment: (When age is reached)
1.5 Bomb Tags
2.10 Kunai
3.10 Shuriken

Weapons: (will have at the right age)

Houmori - Wandering Shadow
Length: 3.5 Ft
Width: 2in
Abilities:The Wandering Shadow is a weapon made for Kai and created by Emanyeru Kouseitan'i himself.The weapon is able to release Hellfire and manipulate it.It can also absorb the souls of those defeated by Kai himself.Anyone who is cut by this weapon will die from the denomic energy infused in the blade.

Physical Strength’s: The young Kouseitan'i possesses immense strength,being able to crush boulders with the slightest jab.He can also run very fast,being able to fade out of the sights of his opponents using his incredible speed.Another example of his speed is being able to perform handseals under 2 seconds.

Physical Weakness's: The young Kouseitan'i doesn't know how to swim very well.He doesn't like to run a lot,even thoughhis speed is incredible.

Mental Strength’s: The boy is very intelligent,creating strategies before his battles begin.He can figure out the opponent's flaws.

Mental Weakness's: Doesn't like when people talk about his deceased mother.It can get to him if people do.Girls seem to throw him off.

Abilities: None

Bloodline: Kouseitan'i

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Emanyeru Kouseitan'i

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PostSubject: Re: Kouseitan'i Kai -WHISKERS-   Kouseitan'i Kai -WHISKERS- EmptyFri Jul 03, 2009 12:11 am

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Kouseitan'i Kai -WHISKERS-
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